Metabolism Based Eating

Metabolism Based Eating is an alternative to the fad dieting and exercise strategies that plague the industry and unique in that it focuses on FAT LOSS, not simply weight loss, and does so by tailoring the dietary intake and composition to each person’s unique metabolism. On the most basic level, fat loss is a math problem, and a knowledge of one’s own metabolism is critical to designing an eating strategy that will not only produce results, but also will be one that can be sustained forever. Julie is an affiliate of Metabolism Based Eating.

MorGainz Fitness

MorGainz Fitness Logo

MorGainz Fitness is a 24-7 accessible fitness facility in Richland Township, Westmont, and Ebensburg Pennsylvania. MorGainz Fitness (originally known as Richland Fitness) caters to all levels of athletes and has removed any possible excuse people use to not go to the gym. MorGainz Fitness is a family-oriented facility. 
Their motto is “No More Excuses.” 

Simple Nutrition Meals

Simple Nutrition Meals is a company located in Johnstown, PA that offers healthy, convenient meal service for busy customers who want to eat healthy, nutritious meals without breaking the bank. There are seven locations in Johnstown, Somerset, and Ebensburg that allow for easy meal pick-up!