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The Science

JP Nutrition & Fitness focuses on preventing what’s called
metabolic adaptation by gearing your weight management goals to your measured metabolism. Metabolic adaptation is the abnormal slowing of the metabolism while in a calorie deficit and happens when one eats too few calories to sustain their body.

By measuring resting metabolism (RMR) and body composition, we are making sure the calorie deficit is not too large so we may preserve lean mass as fat loss continues. These two key factors work to prevent one’s metabolism from slowing while they are losing weight and are vital to long-term success.

This is why we use two highly accurate (and expensive) machines! The InBody 270 measures body composition in less than 60 seconds and the FDA Cleared ReeVue device measures resting metabolism in 20 minutes or less.

These machines allow us to create your personalized nutrition plan tailored to YOUR body, following scientifically proven research, for sustainable results.

RMR Test

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate): the amount of energy, in the form of calories, your body burns while resting.

This accounts for approximately 60% of the body’s daily energy expenditure. RMR is different for EVERYONE and varies with age, sex, fitness level, and lean body mass. With this number, we can make informed decisions about an individualized diet plan for you!​

Testing your RMR is the ONLY way to be sure you are eating the correct number of calories so you can remain on track toward your health & body composition goals. Without testing your metabolic rate, you'd just be guessing.

I NEVER guess when it comes to helping you succeed. Instead, I apply my tried and true methods that are rooted in SCIENCE!

Body Composition

Body Composition: used to measure the percentages of fat, bone, water, and muscle in your body.

Testing body composition is a highly accurate indicator of fat loss - unlike your scale at home!​

Body composition testing also helps with:

- Evaluating your risk of developing cardiovascular disease & metabolic disease

- Estimating how many calories you should eat to reach your target weight

- Determining safe & effective bodyweight goals

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